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Report a safety issue or non-compliance

Energy Safe investigates reports about electrical installation work, electrical and gas appliances, electricity and gas infrastructure issues (and some gas installation matters), which are safety or technical compliance related.

This does not include billing, warranty, customer service, conduct and quality of work issues, or financial or contractual disputes. These matters are better handled by other organisations, including Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

This form can also be used to lodge a Complaint about Energy Safe Victoria.

All reports must be lodged in writing by completing the form below or by email or post.

If you are unable to do this or need some assistance with this form, please contact us on (03) 9203 9700 and ask to speak with the Complaints Coordinator.


Your details

Who are you making this complaint on behalf of (if anyone)?
Do you require a follow up?

Where is the compliance or safety concern?

What is the compliance or safety concern?

Describe your compliance or safety concerns
What action are you expecting ESV to take?

Who is your report about? Or who is responsible for the safety issue or non-compliance?

Electricians generally operate as ‘Registered Electrical Contractors’ and the registration number will normally be written with the letters REC in front of it:

Example: REC 12345

Electricians also have an individual licence number and this will normally be written with an A in front of it:

Example: A12345

There are other licence and registration numbers for tradespeople, such as plumbers, gasfitters and builders. You can include any that are known. If there are letters written before the number or you know which type of licence or registration it is, you should include this too.

For example: additional phone numbers, ABN, car registration

Other related parties

If there are any other businesses or people involved in this matter, please provide their details below.

When was the work carried out or product purchased?

Approximate Date

When did you become aware of the compliance or safety issue?

Approximate Date


To provide any supporting documentation, submit your completed form by clicking the Submit button below. A copy of your form will be emailed to the email address you have provided. Reply to the email to provide any documentation or attachments.

For example: copies of Certificates of Electrical Safety, photos showing the issue, photos of equipment labels, receipts, invoices, quotes, reports, online postings, advertisements or profiles, business cards.

Privacy statement

You understand that by submitting this complaint to Energy Safe Victoria, the information you have provided will be made available to Energy Safe employees, including personal details such as name, address and phone numbers.

If necessary, some information you have provided may also be communicated to the people or businesses responsible for the compliance or safety concern or the subject of the complaint to enable Energy Safe to investigate the matter.

For further information please contact Energy Safe or refer to Energy Safe's Privacy Policy(opens in a new window).

If you choose to make an anonymous complaint, you are aware and understand this may limit the action Energy Safe can take.

Date: 19/07/2024 17:41

Controlled document

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