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Certificates of Electrical Safety auditing scheme

Auditing the electrical installation work described on a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) ensures compliance with legislation and standards.


A Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) is a requirement of the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and the Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 2019 for all electrical installation work undertaken in Victoria.

Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs) and Licensed Electrical Workers (LEWs), such as electricians or Restricted Electrical Licence holders, purchase and complete Certificates of Electrical Safety and provide a copy to their customer.

Unregistered and unlicensed persons cannot purchase or lodge certificates with Energy Safe Victoria.

Auditing of the electrical installation work described on a Certificate of Electrical Safety has been undertaken since 1999 to ensure the completed electrical installation work is compliant with legislation and relevant Australian Standards.

Energy Safe Victoria audits electrical installation work to ensure the safety of people, livestock, and property against the dangers and damage that may arise if electrical installation work is non-compliant or unsafe.

In addition to ensuring the electrical work is safe and compliant, the safety audit data informs Energy Safe of the current state of industry’s knowledge of the various electrical Standards it is required to comply with. This data is used to identify key areas for education or refresher education of the trade.

If your property has been selected for audit

The auditor visiting your property is engaged by Energy Safe to conduct an audit of electrical installation work described on the Certificate of Electrical Safety provided by your Registered Electrical Contractor or licensed electrician.

Every Certificate of Electrical Safety auditor must carry a personal identification card, which will be visible and available for you to view on request.

Electrical safety audits are an important service provided by Energy Safe to the community.

This service is free and optional. You may ask the auditor to leave at any time.

Should the auditor find the electrical installation work to be non-compliant, the Registered Electrical Contractor or licensed electrician is notified by the auditor, and they are required to return to the site to rectify any notified non-compliances at no cost to you.

Who employs COES auditors?

All COES auditors are employed or engaged by one or more of the following companies:

Electrical Compliance Victoria
Ph: 03 9550 0869
Email: ecvic@bigpond.net.au

Electrical Inspection and Assessment
Ph: 03 5338 8277
Email: info@eianda.com.au

Techsafe Australia
Ph: 03 8558 0100
Email: esvaudits@techsafe.com.au

Download the COES audit brochure

Download the Certificates of Electrical Safety audit brochure:

ESV Safety Audit of Electrical Work
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