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Our purpose, vision and values

We’re powering towards a safer energy future that is sustainable for all Victorians and our climate.

Our purpose

We keep Victorians energy safe and ensure energy is used confidently.

Energy and the technology that harnesses it are essential to our quality of life. However, these technologies can be complex and powerful, and the potential for harm is significant to our customers and the environment.

Through education, regulation and enforcement, we work to ensure that energy safety, supply and efficiency are a priority in Victoria and something our customers can be confident in.

Our vision

We’re powering towards a safer energy future that is sustainable for all Victorians and our climate.

We need energy safety systems that are sustainable into the future so Victorians can continue to use energy for many generations. We also need energy systems to be modern and reliable, so our families, towns, cities and lands are kept safe.

We aim to create a future where Victorians and the environment they live and work in can flourish because of the safe, reliable delivery of sustainable energy.

Our values

The values are expressed by our people in our day-to-day actions, decision-making and interactions with others.


We act with impartiality and uphold the importance of unbiased, equitable treatment. We do this in a way that is transparent, accountable, open, and trustworthy.


We actively engage with our customers and each other to achieve safer outcomes. We believe in cooperation, listening and succeeding together to improve safety outcomes..


We are flexible and maintain effectiveness in the face of changing environments. We know that improving energy safety for Victoria means being at the forefront of change.


We treat everyone with respect and uphold the importance of diversity, experience and skills. We care about the safety of Victorians and demonstrate respect through our actions.


We aspire to the best standards of practice by ensuring an evidence-based approach to our work. We strive to excel in our capability to deliver safety outcomes.

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