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The Victorian Building Authority

Energy Safe and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) work together as regulators of the gas industry.

Who does what?

Energy Safe is the gas safety regulator for Victoria

Energy Safe Victoria is Victoria’s independent electricity, gas and pipeline safety and technical regulator. It is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of standards, codes and policies under the Electricity Safety Act 1998, Gas Safety Act 1997 and Pipelines Act 2005 and their respective Regulations.

The VBA administers the licensing and registration system for plumbers and gasfitters, and promotes and enforces plumbing standards across Victoria.

The VBA’s website contains information about plumbing registration and licences in Victoria, including the specialised classes of Gasfitting.

Standard gas installations and complex gas installations

Licensed plumbing practitioners self-certify that their standard gas installation work complies with all relevant regulations, standards and codes, generally, by issuing a Compliance Certificate to the consumer. The VBA monitors the compliance of self-certified work through random audits and inspections of standard gas installations.

Generally plumbing and gasfitting work in domestic and light commercial premises qualify as standard gas installations. All other plumbing and gasfitting in industrial, commercial and public premises, including in high rise buildings, schools and hospitals etc. is regarded as complex gas installation work.

Work on Type B gas appliances, and consumer piping connected to the Type B appliance, is deemed complex gas installation work.

On completion of work on a standard gas installation, a Compliance Certificate must be issued to the customer. The licensed plumbing practitioner must then lodge the details of the Compliance Certificate with the VBA within five days of the completion of the plumbing work.

Prior to the supplying gas to a complex gas installation, an Application for Acceptance of Complex Gas Installations and Type B Gas Appliances must be submitted and accepted by Energy Safe.

For more information, refer to Gas Information Sheet No. 33 Gas Installation Notification.


While both authorities can investigate gas-related incidents, Energy Safe is considered the lead agency due to the safety implications. Complaints relating to non-compliant gas installations in residential properties that do not pose a safety risk fall within the remit of the VBA.

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