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Energy Safe. Always.

Energy Safe is Victoria's safety regulator for electricity, gas and renewable energy.

Who we are

Energy Safe Victoria works to keep Victoria energy safe.

We believe everyone has a role to play in energy safety, so we engage the community to raise awareness of risk, and regulate the energy sector to make sure generation, supply and usage meets expected safety standards.

When necessary, we take strong regulatory action under the law to uphold the standards of safety.

As Victoria moves toward a more sustainable energy future, we aim to stay at the forefront of energy safety innovation, emerging technologies, and renewables.

We’re embracing new digital channels to engage with stakeholders, investing in our people to deliver on our purpose, and doing everything in our power to keep Victoria energy safe. Always.

Our statutory responsibilities

We have a statutory responsibility to achieve the objectives (described below) and functions defined by the Energy Safe Victoria Act, Electricity Safety Act 1998, Gas Safety Act 1997, and Pipelines Act 2005.

We do this by ensuring the:

  • safe operation of energy installations
  • mitigation of bushfire ignition risks due to energy supply and use
  • safety of energy infrastructure and pipelines during their construction, operation, and decommissioning
  • undertaking of gas and electrical work by competent licensed and registered individuals and businesses following prescribed safety standards
  • prevention of loss or damage to structures from electrical currents
  • electrical equipment and gas appliances supplied or purchased in Victoria are safe to operate
  • community and industry are aware of their electricity and gas safety obligations.

Our progress and reporting

Our progress against delivery, performance measures and the outcomes achieved will be detailed through:

  • routine reporting provided to the Minister and the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA)
  • Energy Safe Victoria's Annual Report, tabled in Parliament and published annually on our website
  • industry safety performance reports and other safety and technical reports published on our website
  • compliance and enforcement guidance, and safety and technical guidance for industry published on our website.

Funding delivery

Our activities are fully funded through a combination of fee-for-service income, licence fees, and levies on the electricity, gas, and pipeline industries.

We have budgeted revenue of $71.4 million for 2023-24, comprising $45.8 million in levies, $22.9 million in fees and $2.7 million in grants and other revenue.

Total operating expenditure for 2023-24 is budgeted at $79.6 million while capital expenditure is projected to be $1.3 million.

Read more about our objectives, the nature and scope of our activities (including performance targets and measures), the applicable accounting policies, and other matters agreed between the Minister and Energy Safe in our corporate plan:

Energy Safe's corporate plan

Legislation, guidelines and priorities

About the new legislation

The Energy Legislation Amendment (Energy Safety) Bill 2023 was passed by the Victorian Parliament on 15 August 2023. The amendments will come into effect on 16 May 2024.

The Bill amends Victoria’s energy safety legislation – the Electricity Safety Act 1998, the Gas Safety Act 1997 and the Pipelines Act 2005 – to increase penalties on a range of offences, introduce some new obligations on regulated entities and strengthen Energy Safe’s powers.

Read the Bill: Energy Legislation Amendment (Energy Safety) Bill 2023

Next steps

Over the coming months, we will be working to develop regulatory policies to give effect to the new and amended provisions.

Keep checking this page to learn about new policies and opportunities to be involved in development.

Date: 20/07/2024 6:12

The currency and accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed once printed or saved to a storage device. If in doubt, please check the Energy Safe Victoria website for the current version.