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Public events must be organised and carried out following Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

Gas at events

Ensure your event is safe

Organisers of public events have a duty of care under Occupational Health and Safety legislation to provide a safe operational environment. As far as reasonably practicable, people are not to be exposed to risks arising from the running of the event.

The definition of this duty is broad. Pro-active attention by organisers may be achieved by a process of identification, assessment and control of safety risk.

Gas safety at events

Gas safety can be achieved by ensuring all gas installations are safe and certified as complying with current Regulations and Safety Standards.

Event organisers should read the Code of Practice for The Safe Use of LP Gas at Public Events In Victoria, which applies to the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) at public events, such as major sporting and entertainment events, festivals, school and church fetes, local markets and other non-profit group functions.

Code of Practice - LPG at Public Events
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Energy Safe Victoria also recommends anyone intending to use gas at the event should complete an Energy Safe Gas Safety Checklist located within Appendix A of the Code of Practice for The Safe Use of LP Gas at Public Events In Victoria brochure.

The event organiser may remove from the site any person who fails to complete the checklist, makes a false declaration or knowingly uses an unsafe gas installation.

Hospitality and catering gas safety

As commercial catering appliances are used constantly, regular servicing is required to ensure they are performing efficiently and operating safely. Apart from operator error, most gas-related incidents in commercial catering occur due to lack of servicing of the appliance.

We recommend

  • regular attention by the owner or user
  • annual attention by a competent and appropriately-licensed service person.

Second-hand commercial catering appliances

If you plan to install second-hand commercial catering equipment in your business, you must ensure minimum safety standards are met.

Second-hand equipment must bear a Certificate Number issued by one of the following five certification bodies:

This will indicate that when new, the equipment met the required standards.

Second-hand appliance safety

Often the service history of a second-hand appliance is not available, making it hard to determine if its safety features have been maintained. A certification badge or number is no guarantee of safety in this situation, and the relocation of a Tier 2 approved appliance voids the original certification, which was site-specific.

Safety standards

Energy Safe requires the following minimum standards to be verified by the installer of second-hand commercial catering equipment. The appliance must be:

  • safe for customer use
  • electrically safe
  • suitable for the type of gas used
  • gastight and in a serviceable condition
  • controlled by a suitable gas pressure regulator
  • fitted with original control knobs or suitable replacements, and
  • meet appropriate combustion parameters.

Find a licensed gasfitter

Licensed gasfitters who can service new and second-hand equipment can be found online via search, or visit the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) for more information.

More information

  • Code of Practice for the safe use of LP Gas at public events in Victoria:
Code of Practice - LPG at Public Events
PDF 3.76 MB
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