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Sample installation defect letter

An example letter you can use as a template for your communications.

Sample electrician’s installation defect letter

You may use the following letter example to notify customers of electrical installation or equipment defects. Select the text below and copy into a Microsoft Word document and edit as required.

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REC number


<Customer name>

<Customer address>

<Customer address>

Dear Sir/Madam


On <Date>, I provided you with a quotation for electrical installation works at <customers address>.

During the course of <providing a quotation> / <performing other electrical installation work>, it was identified that unsafe and potentially dangerous wiring and/or equipment <not associated with the work advised on the certificate> was identified.

The following defects were identified:

<list defect detected>

<list defect detected>

This does not preclude the possible existence of other electrical defects within this installation.

I recommend that, without delay, you arrange for correction of the above defects by a Registered Electrical Contractor to prevent injury to yourself or others and for the contractor to provide you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety as required by legislation.

You are advised that penalties of up to $4,000 may apply for failing to comply with Section 43(2) and (3) of the Electricity Safety Act 1998, which states that:

The occupier of any premises in which there is unsafe electrical equipment must-

cause the electrical equipment to be removed from the premises or to be made safe; or

in the case of electrical equipment forming part of an electrical installation, notify the owner of the premises of the unsafe electrical installation

An owner of premises who is notified under sub-section (2) must cause the electrical installation to be removed from the premises or to be made safe

Further information and advice can be obtained by contacting myself on 04XX XXX XXX.

Yours faithfully

<Your name>



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