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Inspiring inclusion – International Women's Day

We spoke with our people, recognising the value they contribute in the challenges they’ve overcome, and expertise they bring.

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At Energy Safe, we celebrate our colleague’s experiences and successes, recognising the value our people contribute in the challenges they’ve overcome, and expertise they bring.

As a workplace, we embrace flexible arrangements and hybrid working styles to inclusively support parents, carers and all lifestyles.

On International Women’s Day, we spoke with our people about overcoming obstacles in their industries, and who embrace Energy Safe as an inclusive regulator where they and all of our people feel encouraged to bring their whole selves to work.

Together our people look forward to a future that is inclusive and equitable for all.

As a woman in my career, I've faced challenges such as gender bias, lack of representation in leadership roles, and navigating work-life balance. However, I've overcome these challenges by seeking mentors, advocating for myself, and continuously developing my skills and expertise.

Energy Safe's hybrid working style and flexible arrangements have been instrumental in supporting me to excel in my job while also maintaining a fulfilling personal life – allowing me to manage my time effectively, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

The workplace culture at Energy Safe is inclusive, collaborative, and supportive. There's a strong emphasis on teamwork, respect for diverse perspectives, and a commitment to safety and excellence.

To 'belong' at Energy Safe means feeling valued, respected, and included as part of the team. It's about being able to bring your authentic self to work, knowing that your contributions are appreciated and that you're supported in your professional growth and personal well-being.

— Sumita, Licensing Team Leader

I’ve been involved in the Plumbing & Gas Industry since the age of seventeen when I started my apprenticeship. I was the only female in a class of 14 apprentices and, in fairness, I’ve never known a different work environment other than working with men.

My male peers would tease me, implying that the trade schoolteachers felt sorry for me and gave me good results! This was most definitely not the case. I had to work harder to get any recognition. My hard work was rewarded when, in the final year of my apprenticeship, I won Apprentice of the Year – an achievement I am immensely proud of.

I never see ‘challenges’ as such – work hard and this will be acknowledged by people around you. I have never seen myself as different to anyone that I have worked with, and being a woman in our industry has hopefully inspired other women who may have been considering doing a trade to do it.

I joined Energy Safe five years ago. One of my reservations before accepting the position was flexible working as at that time, I had two sons (eight and nine years old) and I was working at a trade school teaching. I spoke to the hiring manager at the time who assured me that there would be flexibility within the role. Fast forward a year after I started, the hybrid style working arrangements really kicked in (due to the pandemic) and have remained in place since. These working arrangements has been crucial for me and my family.

To ‘belong’ at Energy Safe is all about living the values of integrity, engagement, adaptability, respect and excellence. Everyone you speak to seems to be living the values. We are all different and this is embraced by Energy Safe.

Kerri, Gas Compliance Officer

Energy Safe’s hybrid work, flexible working arrangements, support for new parents and ability to purchase leave make it easier for everyone to fit life’s responsibilities around work life. These are positive improvements to the workplace and enable productivity.

When I was working with young children, the workplace was less flexible. Hopefully much has changed since, although I think there are further changes still to be made to make childcare affordable for young families, in particular.

At Energy Safe, we are living through both a significant energy and workplace transition as we have grown, changing governance structures in recent times. It’s a reflection of our strong and positive culture that we have been able to absorb such changes, and are prepared for the next stage of Energy Safe.

To ‘belong’ at Energy Safe is to work alongside a bunch of dedicated and purpose driven people who care about the energy safety of the industries we regulate, as well as the people who now can generate, store and use energy and its appliances.

— Roanne, General Manager – Customer and People Experience

Living in regional Victoria, two days per week in the office (our general hybrid working arrangement) offers a great balance for me – as well as being very generous compared to some other employers, who require three or more!

I try to maximise my face-to-face engagement with co-workers on those two days, and I can do a bit of work on the V-Line train. I find deep thinking, writing and strategy work is better done in the quiet of home.

At Energy Safe, I’ve found everyone super friendly and helpful. I’m well supported and encouraged by my manager, and I feel my ideas are heard and well-received by the executive and Commission. I’m continually impressed by the diversity and expertise of the staff.

— Janene, Manager – Engagements and Partnerships

Over the past 25 years in my field, I have experienced quite a few changes. Men held the more senior positions and were the main decision makers. This has changed and, now, women are recognised as equal value in their knowledge and input to policy and direction of information management for government. These changes have made for an exciting era in information management.

The culture at Energy Safe has always been one of supportive friendliness and cooperation. I have been lucky enough to work with many people I’ve been able to call friends. All these years later, I still enjoy working with many people at Energy Safe.

Thanks to our hybrid working style, I appreciate the break in the week (from commuting an hour each way to having more relaxed mornings) when I can enjoy a cuppa and calmly sit at my computer ready to start my working day.

At Energy Safe, it’s the shared sense of understanding, listening to one another, helping each other to reach our set goals, and collective care for the people of Victoria which I enjoy being a part of, all these years later.

— Maria, Records Management Coordinator

Date: 20/07/2024 16:01

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