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CPD for electrical workers reaches 2,500 milestone

Thursday 17 August 2023 at 10:19 pm
Electrical workers looking at monitoring equipment.

Safety for both electrical workers and the community is increasing – with more than 2,500 electrical workers completing new continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. as part of their licence renewal.

CPD for electrical workers became compulsory from 1 July, 2023.

Energy Safe Victoria CEO Leanne Hughson said this was an impressive result in a very short space of time. The results demonstrate the commitment to safety of electrical workers in Victoria.

“Continuing Professional Development is an important plank in the safety framework for electrical workers in Victoria,” she said. 

“It increases worker safety by ensuring they are up to date with regulations and practices – which are designed to support them to do their job well and, most importantly, safely.”

CPD for electrical workers was introduced this year to increase safety for electrical workers and the community. From 1 July, 2023, all electrical workers who want to renew their licence must complete the CPD program.

Delivered by Energy Safe, CPD is a Victorian Government initiative, supported by unions and employers. CPD ensures all electrical workers are suitably prepared for their work in the community, covering important safe-work topics. 

Split into two parts – Skills Maintenance and Skills Development ­– the first part of the program offers useful refresher training on key regulations and safety topics. 

Skills Development is a broader program to enhance electrical workers’ careers. The goal is to open up new learning opportunities, particularly in renewable energy. Skills Development will not be required for licence renewals until 2028.

Skills Maintenance comprises a total of 8 hours in-person training at a specialist training centre or TAFE. An electrical worker will have to complete their training before applying to renew their licence.

Energy Safe Head of Licensing and Training, Sue Sizer, said she expected a further 8,000 electrical workers would complete the training by this time next year. 

“The outcome we are looking for is better trained electrical workers,” she said. “There’s no exam to pass, although if a trainer finds a participant has a particular knowledge or skills gap, they might recommend some resources for that participant to work through to ensure they are fully comfortable with the topic. 

“So far, it’s clear that the vast majority of electrical workers appreciate the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge of safety and regulatory topics, which can get a little hazy as people pursue their careers. We are a fast-changing industry and people are naturally very busy. Skills Maintenance simply ensures they are up to speed in key areas.”

For more information about CPD, go to: www.esv.vic.gov.au/licensing/cpd-introduction
Media contact: Jonathan Granger | jonathan.granger@energysafe.vic.gov.au