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CPD training keeping the community and electricians safer

Course content has been well received.

Wednesday 20 September 2023 at 7:14 am
Two electrical workers, one at a desk with reference materials

With the ever-growing uptake of Continuing Professional Development training for electricians in Victoria, Energy Safe Victoria, who oversee the program, report that the response to the program has so far been excellent and attendees are finding the content helpful and enjoyable.

The first phase of CPD, Skills Maintenance, is now mandatory for licence renewal for electricians. Already more than 3000 electricians have completed their training, which is conducted at professional training organisations.

The training, which comprises a total of eight hours relevant to the licence held includes the following:


Before attending face-to-face learning at one of a variety of training organisations, participants are required to watch three short videos online - and undertake a quick quiz to check understanding - which are designed to provide a high-level overview of their responsibilities as a licensed electrician.

In Class

The first topic discussed in class touches on the important responsibilities that apply to electrical licence holders. This expands on the remote learning previously completed to delve deeper into licensed electrician responsibilities, including supervision requirements, reporting electrical incidents and completing Certificates of Electrical Safety (CoES).

Secondly, the training will address major changes to Acts, Regulations and Standards that have occurred in recent years in relation to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS), relevant legislation and standards. In a fast-changing industry this ensures participants are up-to-date with the latest legal rules governing the industry and safe working, for both themselves and the community.

The training also covers the procedure for safe isolation, disconnection and reconnection of electrical equipment, including appropriate safety methods, tools and equipment. With four serious injuries resulting from ’working live’ already this year, this is an important reminder of the importance of “Never Work Live”, a key Energy Safe priority.

Lastly, a timely overview of the mandatory testing that must be conducted prior to energising an electrical installation will cover the purpose of the tests, testing methods, equipment and tools, as well as the legislation and regulations that require these tests to be conducted. Participants will have plenty of time to practice their testing skills in class.

Participants will need to complete some quizzes, and demonstrate their testing and safe isolation skills, but there is no exam to pass.

Reports from those training sessions completed already, which are regularly monitored for quality of delivery and relevance of content, indicate that those completing Skills Maintenance find it valuable, easy to understand, and also that working together in a classroom environment provides a great opportunity to network with fellow electricians and share knowledge and information.

At The Centre for U in North Melbourne, one of the chosen professional training organisations for CPD, CEO Alex Newman said the training was well received by participants.

“Understandably, perhaps, there is sometimes a little scepticism from people as to whether the training will be relevant to them, especially if they are experienced licence holders. But in almost every case, the participants’ feedback is that they found the training useful, enjoyable, and they are glad to have completed it.

“I firmly believe the content of CPD Skills Maintenance is an important step forward for every licence holder who completes it.”

Head of Licensing and Training for Energy Safe, Sue Sizer, also said the feedback so far had been very positive.

“CPD is the result of a remarkable level of co-operation within the industry and from government, with over 30 subject matter experts contributing to the course content and specialist content creators employed to make it simple and enjoyable to learn.

In one short day, licence holders get the chance to review information that is vital for them and the community. As one attendee remarked, “I really believe this training will save lives.”

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