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Energy Safe bans supply of faulty wind turbines following series of unsafe incidents

Thursday, 20 April 2023 at 11:58 pm

Energy Safe Victoria has banned the supply of non-compliant small wind turbines by Adant Services Group (ASG) and its director Adam Falzon.

The turbines supplied by ASG, which trades as Australian Wind and Solar (AWS), have led to dangerous incidents where blades have detached at high speeds and components have fallen up to 12 metres.

The ban applies unless ASG or Mr Falzon can demonstrate to Energy Safe that the turbines comply with the relevant Standards.

Energy Safe is aware of several incidents that have occurred across Victoria.  

Energy Safe has prohibited ASG and Adam Falzon from supplying turbines or componenet of turbines, unless certain conditions are met, under Section 63(2) of the Electricity Safety Act 1998.

Energy Safe believes the turbines and turbine components supplied by ASG are likely to become unsafe to use due to their design or construction and fail to satisfy relevant Standards. 

Energy Safe is aware of 47 locations where the turbines have been installed. Energy Safe continues to contact turbine owners to alertthem to the safety risks.

Energy Safe CEO Leanne Hughson said the energy safety regulator had carried out an extensive investigation into the safety of the small wind turbines supplied by ASG. 

“The decision to ban a product is never made lightly, however it’s clear that the turbines supplied by ASG are unsafe,” Ms Hughson said.

“Energy Safe is focused on ensuring all forms of energy are safe as we increase our reliance on more renewable and sustainable forms of power.

“We expect that all energy product suppliers and installers supply products that are safe, comply with relevant Australian Standards and can be safely operated.”

Energy Safe has highlighted various forms of renewable energy as a priority for compliance and enforcement acitivites through 2022-23.

Each year, Energy Safe releases a list of regulatory priorities it intends to emphasise over the following 12 months.

Details: esv.vic.gov.au.

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