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Energy Safe urges Victorians to test safety switches to protect lives and property

Tuesday 6 June 2023 at 12:28 am

Energy Safe Victoria is calling on households to test their electrical safety switches every year to prevent fire, electric shock and electrocution.

Victorian firefighters attend more than 300 electrical fires every year, many of which start from old wiring that has degraded or is unable to cope with the demands of modern electrical equipment.

Energy Safe’s Test Reset Protect campaign encourages Victorians to test their safety switches annually to ensure they are operating correctly, reducing risks to their loved ones and property.

Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and detect a problem that may pose a risk to personal safety, turning the power off before an incident occurs.

They are located on most household switchboards, identified by a small button marked by the word ‘Test’. Once pressed, power will be cut to lights and appliances connected to that particular safety switch.

If lights or appliances don’t lose power then the safety switch may have failed. A licensed electrician should be employed to identify where faults are and make repairs.

Many older properties have not been fitted with safety switches. Victorians in homes without safety switches should engage a licensed electrician to install them.

Energy Safe CEO Leanne Hughson said a simple safety switch check could mean the difference between life and death.

“Testing safety switches is easy to do. It doesn’t matter whether you own your home or are renting, you need to ensure your safety switches are working,” Ms Hughson said.

“If you don’t have a safety switch installed, contact a licensed electrician and get one fitted as soon as possible.”

Further information, including an instructional video, is available on the Energy Safe website at esv.vic.gov.au/household-wiring.

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