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ESV extends Powercor’s Provisional Bushfire Mitigation Plan deadline

Thursday, 27 October 2022 at 3:40 pm

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has extended the deadline for Powercor to submit its latest Bushfire Mitigation Plan (BMP) so that the energy safety regulator can ensure a series of new proposed activities will deliver the claimed community safety outcomes.

As a major electricity company, Powercor is required to prepare and submit a BMP to ESV for acceptance under Section 113A of the Electricity Safety Act.

Powercor last month submitted its latest draft, which included 28 new activities and other changes, including the use of drones to monitor vegetation clearance.

ESV will assess each new activity before the BMP is accepted.

In the meantime, ESV has extended the provisional acceptance of Powercor’s existing BMP, to ensure Powercor is still required to take necessary bushfire mitigation measures through the upcoming summer, when bushfire risk in Victoria is at its highest. ESV has applied conditions to the provisional acceptance that require Powercor to deliver its wooden power pole inspection and replacement targets.

ESV will not compromise on safety by accepting a BMP that has not been thoroughly assessed, especially where changes to current practices have been submitted.

Every five years, all Victorian major electricity companies are required to submit an updated BMP, which is then tested and reviewed by ESV. ESV is responsible for regulating the electricity, gas and pipelines industry to ensure they are managing safety risks in Victoria.