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Media Release: plumbing company convicted

Tuesday 9 January 2024 at 12:49 am

A plumbing company has been convicted and fined after failing to properly seal the gas supply to a Melbourne home, raising the risk of an uncontrolled leak at the property.

The company which traded as Sam’s Local Plumbing Melbourne was found guilty of recklessly tampering with a gas meter and failing to comply with safety standards at a house in St Albans in April 2021.

The Sunshine Magistrates’ Court heard the company sent a gasfitter to the home after being contacted by the resident about a gas ducted heater that had stopped working.

The company claimed the gasfitter removed gas meter piping and used duct tape to seal the meter.

The court heard a failure to use an approved sealing method, such as a plug or iron cap, raised the risk of an uncontrolled gas leak at the site and other safety issues.

“Safety rules are non-negotiable for businesses whether they’re working on a major project or in someone’s home,” Energy Safe CEO Leanne Hughson said.  

“Any lapse in safety standards can result in serious harm to people or major damage to property and both situations can be devastating to those involved.”

In fining the company $20,000, the Magistrate highlighted the importance of gas safety laws to protect the community, and noted at the time of sentencing that the company was in voluntary liquidation. 

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