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Update for gasfitters: Energy Safe's fourth zero-tolerance compliance focus

Tuesday 8 August 2023 at 4:15 am

Energy Safe Victoria (Energy Safe) is committed to delivering safe outcomes to Victorians when it comes to the installation and use of gas.

Over several years, we have driven compliance rates up with the use of a suite of tools that include:

  • guidance material
  • on-site education at the time of inspection
  • a number zero tolerance clauses. 

Data from our inspections highlight flexible hoses as a common non-compliance.

To combat this, we have provided a technical guidance bulletin on the preferred installation while working with Standards Australia to have the standard amended to replicate the ESV’s guidance material.

This amendment formed part of the September 2022 published standard AS/NZS 5601 :1. 

Now that this work has been completed, Clause of AS/NZS 5601 :1 will become a compliance focus and form part of our zero-tolerance strategy.  

This will be the fourth listed zero tolerance, which includes: 

  • clearances from grease filters; Clause
  • gas leaks Clause 3.5.1
  • failure to meet hose assembly requirements of Clause
  • failed second inspection.

Identified zero-tolerance breaches are referred to the investigations team for follow up enforcement action.