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Buying safe household electrical appliances

Buying electrical appliances that do not
meet Australia's safety Standards
can result in electric shock, house fires,
injury or death.

Here are a few handy tips to help you
buy safe household electrical equipment.

Household items such as toasters, vacuum
cleaners, power supplies and washing
machines that operate at mains voltage
are required to be marked with the
regulatory compliance mark.

This is known as the RCM,
so look out for this symbol when you
purchase equipment including equipment
offered online.

Be aware that online platforms such as
Amazon or Ebay operate like a virtual 
shopping centre so they host stores 
that may be based outside Australia, 
and their products might not meet our
strict safety standards.

Always check that the store is based in
Australia before purchasing.

All electrical equipment designed for
household mains voltage
is required to be marked with the RCM, 
with registration required for many
mains voltage household appliances
on the national electrical equipment
safety system registration database.

This falls under the electrical
equipment safety system aimed at
increasing consumer safety
when you purchase household electrical

Further information is available on the
esv website at esv.vic.gov.au