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Introducing ESVConnect

To streamline processes for the
Victorian electrical industry Energy
Safe Victoria has consolidated its
paper-based application systems into a
new online service - introducing ESV Connect.

ESV Connect brings the
convenience and ease of online
applications to benefit the industry
licensed electrical workers and
registered electrical contractors known
as REC's can purchase and register a
certificate of electrical safety from
the convenience of their smartphone
tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Licensed electrical workers in RECs
can apply and maintain their electrical
licenses and registrations online
electrical inspectors can also apply
renew and maintain their license apply
for extra classes and manage
Certificates of Electrical Safety with
our new system and eligible trades
people such as plumbers and
refrigeration mechanics can apply and
maintain their restricted electrical
workers license using the service. 

Here are some examples of what's possible
with ESV Connect: 

This is Bill. As the nominated technical
supervisor for Sample Electrical proprietary limited
Bill regularly uses the services of
Le Sparks who is an independent
licensed electrical inspector, 

The employees of Sample Electrical can use
ESV Connect to purchase and complete
certificates for prescribed and non
prescribed electrical installation work
using their own profiles on the sample
electrical account using an online
workflow process. 

Certificates will move
through the system in 'my installations'
from draft to complete. Certificates
that are incomplete or have errors will
stay in the system under review until
they can be completed or corrected.

As the nominated technical supervisor Bill
will use ESV Connect to nominate Le 
Hygienic Sparks to carry out an
inspection of prescribed electrical
installation work. 

Once Jenny has inspected the work she will 
comlete the certificate of inspection 
using ESV Connect.

Meet Pat. Pat has employed as a licensed
electrical worker for Sample Electrical.
The time has come for Pat to renew his a
class electricians license.

He can now renew and maintain his
licenses online using ESV Connect Pat's
neighbor Jack has just qualified as the
refrigeration mechanic.

She needs to apply for a restricted
electrical workers license and can do
this using ESV Connect. Once Pat and
Jack have set up or confirmed their 
profile on ESV Connect they will be
guided through the system based on their
responses to questions, qualifications
employment status and the license type
they want to apply for. 

Pat and Jack will now be able to maintain 
all aspects of their licenses via ESV Connect 

If you're a licensed electrical worker or manage
the administration of an electrical
contractor as a technical supervisor or
business supervisor you'll need to
register for access to ESV Connect. 

For more information go to esv.vic.gov.au and
click on the ESV Connect button

Authorised by the Victorian Government 
1 Treasury Place Melbourne