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Show your solar some love – solar safety

Your rooftop solar system sits outside in all kinds of weather. Poorly maintained systems can result in faults and increase risks like fire. To keep it running safely and efficiently, book a licensed electrician to service your solar system every 2 years.

Why service your rooftop solar

Hot and cold temperatures, wind, rain and other extreme weather events can cause damage and wear to solar PV installations. Regular servicing mitigates this risk, ensuring they are working safely and efficiently.

One of the more serious risks of poorly maintained systems is the potential for fire caused by a faulty DC isolator connected to the solar installation, usually on the roof (a DC isolator is the switch that stops electricity flowing through the system in emergency situations). Changes in their design since 2018 and regular servicing are reducing this risk.

The best way to identify faults and ensure your system is operating to its full capability while avoiding risks such as house fires is regular servicing by a licensed electrician, especially for systems installed before 2018.

Over 2022-2023, there were more than 50 rooftop house fires on systems that had never been serviced. Had these systems been serviced, these fires would have been prevented.

Consider where your system sits – on your roof. It’s outside in all kinds of weather, giving you the benefit of cheaper electricity to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. So, ensure that it’s running safely and efficiently by getting your home solar system serviced every two years by a licensed electrician.

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How to choose a licensed electrician

You can search for a licensed electrician on our website:

Search a public register

Solar servicing must be carried out by a licensed (A Grade) electrician, employed by a Registered Electrical Contractor. For extra reassurance, check that they are accredited by the Clean Energy Regulator’s accreditation scheme operator, Solar Accreditation Australia.

Like most other professions, electricians have different grades of licence depending on the work they are qualified to do. Choose an electrician who includes their qualifications and areas of expertise in their advertising. Contact them and ask if they are licensed and experienced to undertake solar servicing. If they are, they will have an identification card licensing them to carry out electrical work.

If your system has been installed under the Solar Homes Program, we recommend you contact your retailer first. Solar Homes Program retailers and installers must meet robust safety and quality standards that also cover strengthened consumer protections and product warranties.

Further information about finding a licensed electrician is available on our website.

Working with tradespeople – electrical workers

Look out for rogue operators

There are a number of companies operating in Victoria that claim to service solar panels, but they are nothing more than a panel cleaning service. A service must be carried out by a licensed electrician to ensure that the safety of your system is being maintained, and that you are getting the service you are paying for.

What is involved in a service?

Servicing your rooftop solar involves much more than simply cleaning your solar panels. A licensed electrician servicing your home solar system will:

  • ensure:
    • no parts have deteriorated or corroded
    • vents are free of debris
    • switches do not have any defects
    • wiring has not been damaged and has not deteriorated
  • undertake electrical checks to ensure all components are operating as intended
  • confirm fittings and cables are securely attached
  • review the inverter display panel for recorded faults
  • check that access to the isolator switches has not been impeded or
  • make sure the emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed.

Always ensure that a service is carried out by a licensed electrician, at least once every 2 years.

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