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Gas - Brivis StarPro ducted heater field audit program

Published 2021-04-29

Rinnai has become aware of a number of installations of the internal Brivis StarPro High Efficiency condensing ducted gas heaters where the flue pipe joiner has deteriorated.

This has resulted in condensate seepage causing rusting of the top of the heater cabinet and, in some isolated cases, water damage to the heater platform or ceiling.

The joiner may also become progressively brittle and may therefore require replacement during service work.

This is not an appliance safety risk for the occupants. Sample photos of affected joiners are below:

Only the following model Brivis brand series of high efficiency condensing ducted gas heaters are affected by this program:

  • StarPro HX (Internal models only), and StarPro SP6 (Internally installed units only)
  • Manufacturing date range: July 2009 to April 2018
  • Serial number range: 827947 to 1215906
  • Applies only in Victoria.

Field Audit Program

Rinnai is proactively contacting registered gasfitters with the goal of identifying affected appliances and arrange the replacement of the flue joiners. The work would include:

  • Replacing flue joiners
  • Also identifying any non-conformances with AS/NZS 5601 Gas Installations, particularly any cases of unsupported or inadequately supported flue pipes.
  • Conducting a performance and safety check of the heater.

Rinnai will provide the required flue joiners for replacement at no cost to registered gasfitters so they may be replaced on behalf of Rinnai at a standard labour fee during the course of an appliance service.

We will otherwise support the gasfitter by arranging such replacement at sites registered with Rinnai by the gasfitter or consumer, all at no charge to the consumer. Standard reimbursement for separate purchase of flue joiners from Rinnai for this program is also available.

Non-compliant installations

As a result of ongoing investigation into this matter, Rinnai have become aware of an installation that has failed due to an incorrectly installed fluing system.

AS/NZS 5601 Clause 2.5.4 requires the flue to be independently supported of the appliance. Any work to rectify any non-compliant flue system or other installation non-compliances are not covered by this program and need to be addressed by either the original installing gasfitter, yourself by agreement with your client, or by contacting the VBA.

Any immediately dangerous non-compliant work involving a gas appliance must be either rectified or the appliance isolated. ESV has implemented a 24/7 emergency line 1800 652 563 - select option 5 in the event your client refuses access to remedy a non-compliant installation.

Product registration

Installations with affected flue joiners can be registered via the dedicated website for this program, starpro6audit.rinnai.com.au.

You can also contact Rinnai by phone on 1300 364 559. If you encounter an affected installation our preference is that you complete the registration via the dedicated website rather than phone, as this will expedite the supply of any required flue joiners, and implementation of the audit program as quickly and effectively as possible for all parties.

If you come across an affected installation but are not a registered Rinnai service contractor, you will have the opportunity to become authorized by Rinnai to carry out the work on our behalf in accordance with our instructions or register any installations for Rinnai to carry out the replacement. Follow the prompts on starpro6audit.rinnai.com.au for more details

Date: 18/07/2024 18:16

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