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Rheem gas storage water heaters

Published 2016-06-21

22 June 2016

Abnormally low gas pressure can cause issues with Rheem 5-Star gas storage water heaters

ESV has been advised by Rheem of an issue that may arise when their 5-Star gas storage water heaters are operated with abnormally low gas supply pressures. When gas supply pressure drops to around 0.2 kPa (vs. normal supply pressure of at least 1.13 kPa) over a very narrow pressure band, there is a risk of unreliable cross-ignition from the pilot to the main burner. This can result in delayed ignition, with consequent damage to the heater. ESV is requesting the assistance of gasfitters in preventing such incidents. Gasfitters please observe the following process:

  1. When attending a site with a Rheem 5-Star gas storage water heater, check that the supply pressure at the water heater is at least 1.13 kPa.
  2. If the appliance is in good working order, but the gas supply pressure is low, notify the local gas distribution company. Ensuring adequate supply pressure reduces the risk of damage to the water heater and/or malfunction of other gas appliances in the area.
  3. If you find a water heater with damage (such as a dislodged lid) which could have been the result of delayed ignition, notify ESV of the site details, including the gas pressure. In this case, ESV will handle communication with the gas distributor.
  4. Gasfitters are reminded by ESV that it is prudent and good practice to undertake a visual inspection of gas appliance installations when servicing gas appliances.

The relevant water heaters are:

  • Rheem Stellar 330, model # 850330N0
  • Rheem Stellar 360, model # 850360N0
  • Rheem 5 Star 265, model # 350265N0
  • Rheem 5 Star 295, model # 350295N0
  • RheemPlus 5 Star 265, model # 354265N0
  • RheemPlus 5 Star 295, model # 354295N0
  • Everhot 5 Star 265, model # 250265N0
  • Everhot 5 Star 295, model # 250295N0.

This issue is not related to any lapse in product or manufacturing quality. It may become evident only in situations where supply pressure falls well below normal levels. For further information, contact ESV's Gas Technical Helpline on 1800 652 563.

Date: 18/07/2024 17:29

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