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Heritage gas heaters

Published 2018-04-05

All Victorians with a Vulcan Heritage or a Pyrox Heritage gas space heater in their home must have them serviced by a qualified gasfitter immediately.

Laboratory tests show that open flue heaters such as the Heritage may, under certain operating conditions, produce too much carbon monoxide if they are not properly installed and maintained.  All Victorians with a Vulcan Heritage or a Pyrox Heritage gas space heater in their home must have them serviced by a qualified gasfitter immediately.

The combination of inadequate ventilation as well as operating bathroom exhaust fans or kitchen range hoods at the same time as the heater can draw carbon monoxide into living areas. The risk is increased if the heaters and associated components such as the flue are not regularly serviced.

A photograph of a Vulcan Heritage heater, from the front.
Vulcan Heritage
A photograph of a Pyrox Heritage heater, from the front.
Pyrox Heritage

What do I do?

If you have one of these heaters, do not use it until it can be serviced by a qualified gasfitter. A complete service should include testing for carbon monoxide spillage, an inspection of the flue and ventilation.

In the meantime, please use alternative sources of heating. DO NOT bring outdoor gas appliances inside such as a patio heater. This is dangerous and could also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

For people living in DHHS housing

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has a program in place to have all Vulcan Heritage gas space heaters or Pyrox Heritage gas space heater in their properties serviced.

Phone DHHS on 1800 148 426 for more information.

For private homes

Contact the manufacturer Climate Technologies to arrange for a service of the heater and assessment of the installation environment by a qualified gasfitter (to be appointed by Climate Technologies). Climate Technologies will provide a $150 rebate towards the cost.

If a problem is detected, Climate Technologies will discuss a range of options with you, including servicing or maintenance of the heater, or increasing ventilation. If the heater needs to be decommissioned, Climate Technologies will contribute to the cost.

Phone Climate Technologies on (03) 8795 2462 for more information.

I have a Vulcan water heater – is that affected?

No, Vulcan gas water heaters are not affected by this issue. The program in place is for Vulcan or Pyrox Heritage gas space heaters only. We recommend getting all gas appliances serviced every two years.

What has happened?

ESV has established a number of failures with the product certification process.

Open-flue heaters like the Pyrox and Vulcan Heritage space heaters are old technology and are not necessarily designed to operate in better-sealed, newer houses that may have less ventilation. In most older houses, carbon monoxide can simply escape via the heater’s flue or chimney.

They were first manufactured in 1977 and many have been replaced with different kinds of heaters.

In addition to the servicing and replacement programs in place, all Vulcan Heritage or Pyrox Heritage space heaters have been withdrawn from sale and their manufacturer has ceased production.

How do I tell if my heater is a Vulcan Heritage or Pyrox Heritage?

The heaters concerned can be easily identified be the Vulcan or Pyrox branding and the ‘Heritage’ marking on the front fascia in the lower left hand corner. This marking is visible in the photos above.

Date: 19/07/2024 2:52

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