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LCC27 LPG Adaptors

Published 2023-12-22

What's the risk?

Adaptors that connect new and safer LCC27 appliance connectors (hose fittings of new BBQs and other LP gas appliances) with old Type 21 (POL) LP gas cylinder valves can cause gas leaks. 

The standard AS/NZS 1596 for the storage and handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) does not allow for the use of adaptors between LCC27 appliance connectors and Type 21 (POL) cylinder valves.


LPG barbecue cylinders caused significant safety incidents in the past. As a result, a transition to safer LPG cylinder valves and LPG appliance connections was necessary.

The Victorian community transitioned to:

  • safer LCC27 cylinder valves on 1 April 2021
  • safer LC227 appliance connection on 1 April 2022.

These changes were made to improve consumer safety in Victoria.

Safety risk when using adaptors

These adaptors are connected between newer appliances and older gas cylinders. They connect new, Type 27 (LCC27 – see figure 1 below) appliance connections to older gas LPG cylinders with Type 21 (POL) cylinder valves (see figure 2 below).

A photograph of a new Type 27 (LCC27) appliance connection hose.
Fig 1. Regulator/hose assembly with LCC27 appliance connection
A photograph of a current Type 21 (POL) LPG valve.
Fig 2. Type 21 POL cylinder valve

Gas leaks are likely to occur when using these adaptors (see figure 3 below).

A photograph of an LCC27 to POL adaptor
Fig 3. LCC27 to POL adaptor

The Type 21 (POL) LPG cylinder valve has a left-hand thread. The LCC27 appliance connection has a right-hand thread. This makes it extremely difficult to seal them together – tightening the LCC27 appliance connections loosens the adaptor for the Type 21 (POL) cylinder valve.

What to do

Owners of barbecues and gas appliances with LCC27 connections should:

  • stop using any gas appliances connected to adaptors on cylinders with Type 21 (POL) cylinder valves
  • replace or swap your old gas cylinder with a Type 21 (POL) valve to a gas cylinder with the newer LCC27 valve (see figure 4)
  • be familiar with correct procedures for connecting and operating gas cylinders.
A photograph of an LCC27 cylinder valve
Fig 4. LCC27 cylinder valve

Learn how to be safe with LP gas cylinders :

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The LCC27 cylinder valve and appliance connection have increased safety measures. These measures reduce the chance of injuries or damage.

Information on the LCC27 valve and connection:

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