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LG home energy storage system batteries

Published 2023-11-21

A national safety warning notice has been issued, warning of fire risks associated with recalled LG solar lithium-ion batteries. The LG solar lithium-ion batteres are installed in solar energy systems across Australia – including Victoria. 

For details of the safety warning notice, see ProductSafety.gov.au

The ACCC has also issued a media release about this safety warning notice: Consumers urged to immediately check for recalled LG solar batteries (ACCC)

If you have a solar energy system, you should check whether your solar storage battery is subject to recall today. This includes non-LG-branded solar storage systems because they may also contain a recalled LG battery. Affected batteries were supplied nationally through multiple retailers from 21 January 2016 onwards. 

"If a battery is subject to recall, it should be switched off immediately," Deputy Chair Catriona Lowe said. 

What to do

  1. Check if your battery has been recalled.
  2. Switch your battery off if it's been recalled. Refer to your energy storage system's instructions or contact the installer or LG.
  3. Contact LG or SolaX to arrange a free replacement, refund or software update.

Images of the batteries subject to recall

Images of 9 types of battery subject to recall





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