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Rinnai Hotflo gas storage water heater recall

Published 2023-09-20

Rinnai Australia has initiated a product recall covering the 135 litre Hotflo gas storage water heater.

The recall covers a batch of appliances manufactured during December 2022 that may have an internal gas connection not adequately secured. If the fault is present a gas leak may occur during operation which can damage the control and cause the appliance to shut down safely.

However, any subsequent attempts by consumers at re-lighting the burner in accordance with the instructions may result in a flame flash extending beyond the boundary of the access door which presents a risk of injury.

If the water heater is operating normally then it can continue to be safely used until an authorised technician completes a free in-home check.

If the water heater stops operating before an authorised technician completes the free in-home check, consumers must not attempt to relight the burner.

Affected products have a Model Code GHF4135N and a Production Code within the following ranges:

  • RLN135WPA221121 257 to RLN135WPA221121 500 
  • RLN135WPA221230 001 to RLN135WPA221230 006

Owners of the water heater should contact Rinnai on 1300 364 559 or visit the website to check if the water heater is affected, and to arrange for an authorised service technician to conduct a free check.

Further details are on the ACCC website 

Date: 20/07/2024 6:45

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