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Safety alert for butane cookers

Published 2024-02-09

Energy Safe Victoria is reminding owners of portable butane canister cookers to ensure they are being used safely.

This follows a recent serious incident involving a portable butane cooker – where a leak at the cartridge connection ignited and resulted in burns to the face and arms of the operator.

Follow the safety tips below to minimise the of a serious incident:

  • Before using the appliance, ensure it's in good condition – and that you're familiar with its operation.

    Read the appliance manufacturer’s instructions if you're not clear on the appliance’s operation. Be aware of the safety warnings provided.
  • Look for signs of damage or missing parts and check the condition of all seals and O-rings. Seals and O-rings need to be correctly fitted and in good condition, with no visible cracks or damage. If trivets or pan supports are removable then ensure they are facing upwards.
  • When making connections check for leaks with soapy water. If you see bubbles forming, it's a sign that there's a gas leak – and the cartridge must be disconnected immediately. Ensure there are no leaks each time the cooker is used.
  • Ensure pots and frying pan sizes are compliant with the manufacturer’s instructions. Pots or frying pans that are too large can cause heat to be reflected onto the cartridge. This can result in overheating and possible explosion.
  • Some portable butane cookers are unsafe and have been the subject of product safety recalls. Search the ACCC recall website and check if your model is affected at https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recalls(opens in a new window).

If your cooker is within the scope of a recall, don't use it. Instead, return it for a refund.

Date: 19/07/2024 16:47

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