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FOI Part II Statements

Energy Safe Victoria and FOI Part II Statements.


Part II of the FOI Act requires government agencies, including ESV, to publish a number of specific statements, which are set out below.

These statements are intended to provide a non-exhaustive list of the types of information and documents held by ESV, including key services, functions, reports and outputs, to assist the public in accessing this information.

We make information publicly available on this website and through print publishing. We aim to make as much information publicly available as possible, reducing the need for members of the public to request access to documents under the FOI Act.

Statement 1 – Organisation and functions

ESV was established in 2005 under the Energy Safe Victoria Act 2005. ESV is the safety regulator for electricity, gas and pipelines in Victoria.

A three person Commission is responsible for the governance and strategic management of ESV and the Chief Executive Officer is responsible to the Commission for the day to day management of ESV. ESV is accountable to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

Further information about ESV, our structure, functions, the legislation that we have functions under and FOI requests, can be found in our Annual Report.

Material or publications, including policies and procedures, manuals, guidelines, brochures and other material is available through our website. The legislation we have functions under is also available on our website.

Statement 2 – Categories of documents

We have a range of statutory functions under various legislation relating to energy safety. We use an electronic document and record management system to classify, store, access 7and manage a broad range of electronic and hard copy documents. We hold the following categories of documents, relating to our functions:

  • safety management plans (including safety management schemes and safety cases) of regulated gas, electricity and energy companies
  • electric line clearance management plans of responsible persons
  • ESV acceptance and auditing of management plans
  • applications for registration of cathodic protection and stray current mitigation systems
  • applications for licensing of electrical workers and registration of electrical contractors
  • certificates of electrical safety
  • approval and certification of electrical equipment
  • acceptance and inspection of complex gas installations
  • incident notifications, investigations and reports
  • records relating to ESV prosecutions and enforcement activity
  • development and amendment of legislation administered by ESV

Other documents, which relate to our administrative functions, includes:

  • correspondence
  • meeting records
  • financial and business records
  • human resources records
  • internal policies and procedures

Statement 3 – FOI Arrangements

Members of the public have the right to request information and access documents held by ESV under the FOI Act.

An FOI request must be made in writing and be accompanied by the relevant application fee and addressed to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Energy Safe Victoria
PO Box 262
Collins Street West VIC 8007

ESV FOI Request form can be found HERE:

FOI Application Form FY 2024–25 PDF
PDF 253.78 KB
(opens in a new window)

Information relating to how to make a request, the current application fee and how ESV receives and processes FOI requests can be found at various locations, such as ESV’s FOI webpage.

Statement 4 – Publications

We produce a wide range of publications, including safety performance reports on the Victorian electricity distribution and transmission businesses. Many of these documents can be accessed under Publications or Reports.

In some cases, it is not possible to supply the publication as a download. If this is the case, details are provided about alternate means of obtaining a copy of the publication.

Information specified by Financial Reporting Direction 22 is retained by our Accountable Officer and is made available on request to relevant Ministers, Members of Parliament and the public (subject to FOI requirements, if applicable).

Enquiries in relation information specified in Financial Reporting Direction 22 should be directed to:

Chief Operating Officer
Energy Safe Victoria
PO Box 262
Collins Street West VIC 8007

Our website also provides access to the Minister’s Statement of Expectations.

Statement 5 – Rules, policies and procedures

We receive enquiries and complaints regarding the professional conduct of electricians as well as gas, electricity and pipeline issues which are safety or technical compliance related. Details about the processes for making a complaint or enquiry are available on our Resolve a problem or report a concern page.

Guidelines, codes of practice and rules relating to gas, electricity and pipelines legislation and our administration of them are available HERE.

Some of our work is guided by policies and guidelines. Policies and guidelines published on our website include:

  • Compliance and Enforcement Policy
  • Prosecution Guideline
  • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
  • Protected disclosure procedures
  • Energy regulatory framework
  • ESV Service Delivery Charter
  • Privacy policy

Various electrical and gas related forms prescribed by regulation or approved by ESV are made available for download on the ESV website.

Statement 6 – Report literature

Many of our reports are published on our website and may be located using the search box or by visiting the relevant subject matter page.

For example, we provide publications and news on the industry to all Victorians and our key stakeholders.

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