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Electrical appliances

Look for the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) to keep your home safe.

Buying safe electrical appliances

Registered electrical appliances

All in-scope electrical appliances and equipment must display the regulatory compliance mark (RCM).

The RCM symbol is shown below:

A regulatory compliance mark graphic, showing a tick or check mark in a broken circle within a rounded triangle, all in black.

Any Level 2 or Level 3 electrical equipment has a valid registration at the time of purchase.

To check your eppliance or equipment, go to Electrical Equipment Safety System website and select the option 'Search Registered Equipment'.

Buying electrical equipment online

Be careful when buying electrical equipment online as some of the products for sale on the internet do not meet Australian safety Standards.

Read more on buying electrical equipment from overseas and online sellers:

Buying Electrical Equipment Online Brochure
PDF 310.39 KB
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Non-compliant USB chargers, travel adaptors and power supplies

All USB chargers, travel adaptors and power supplies must be registered and display the RCM on the product.

This fact sheet has examples of compliant and non-compliant USB chargers, travel adaptors and power supplies:

USB chargers fact sheet - August 2023
PDF 220.7 KB
Updated 9 Aug 2023
(opens in a new window)

Buying second-hand electrical equipment

If you have purchased or plan to purchase second-hand electrical equipment, ensure the appliance

  • has been approved as safe for use in Australia
  • is not damaged and
  • has ‘tagged and tested’ by a qualified repairman or a licensed electrician.

Beware of purchasing second-hand electrical items on social media. A so-called bargain could be an expensive and dangerous mistake.

Damaged or ageing electrical equipment

Never use electrical equipment that is damaged or ageing. Throw away old extension cords, powerboards or any electrical product with a frayed cord.

Take the time to check the cords at your home and throw away any with exposed wires or visible damage.

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