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CPS legislation and database searching

Read the legislation relevant for Cathodic Protection Systems (CPS) and search the CPS database at ESVConnect.

Legislation and regulations

Below are links to legislation and regulations relating to electrolysis mitigation and cathodic protection systems, and the responsibilities and activities of ESV’s Electrolysis & Cathodic Protection Regulation team.

Reasons for conducting a search of ESV's CPS database can include:

  • for environmental assessment
  • new pipeline design
  • carrying out excavation or
  • conducting interference investigations.

To conduct a search of ESV's CPS database:

Click Cathodic Protection public search (linked below)

  • Scroll down and select: Public search – CPS database: ESVConnect (energysafe.vic.gov.au)
  • Type code in CAPTCHA
  • Type in business name, and select the reason for search and select “Go to Search”
  • In “Search criteria” select address (for best results use only street name), or Suburb
  • Identify location by filtering (to narrow search use CPS number)
  • You can also filter on Structure Protected to select specific structures, such as Underground Fuel Tanks
  • Export data by selecting Excel or PDF buttons (note PDF has the ESV letterhead)
  • If you require further site details such as a drawing, you will need to contact the asset owner.

Date: 12/07/2024 4:00

The currency and accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed once printed or saved to a storage device. If in doubt, please check the Energy Safe Victoria website for the current version.