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Open-flued gas space heaters FAQs

Answers questions about open-flued gas space heater (OFGSH) features.


This page answers questions about open-flued gas space heaters (OFGSHs). Contact us using the details on this page if your question isn't answered here.

Questions answered

Why are you banning open flued gas space heaters (OFGSHs)?

We are not banning all OFGSHs. We are banning OFGSHs that do not have a safety shutdown feature and do not meet Australia Standards.

OFGSHs that do not incorporate a safety shut down feature are old technology that is not compatible with modern housing which is generally better insulated and offer less ventilation.

Carbon monoxide (CO) can leak into living areas. CO poisoning can lead to serious health issues and death.

What are the changes you are making to OFGSHs?

The new safety features shuts the heater down if it starts spilling carbon monoxide or any other exhaust fumes.

The heater will have to be reset by a licensed gasfitter, once they are satisfied the heater is safe again.

I have an OFGSH, am I in danger?

OFGSHs are safe if you ensure they are serviced at least once every two years by a qualified gasfitter.

Also, when you run the heater:

  • Do not operate extraction fans such as your kitchen rangehood or bathroom fan if possible. When there is a lack of ventilation this can cause a negative pressure environment where CO or other poisonous gasses can be drawn out of your flue and into living areas.
  • Allow for adequate ventilation when operating the heater.

Also check for safety alerts against certain types of OFGSHs on our website here: Industry safety alerts and recalls

I have bought an OFGSH but haven’t had it installed yet – what can I do?

We expect all manufacturers to inform retailers of the prohibition.

If you have purchased an OFGSH that is yet to be installed, we advise that you contact the retailer to discuss your options.

The dangers of CO spillage are well known. Our statewide community awareness advertising campaign has been in market for five years. According to our evaluations (focus groups), more than one in two Victorians are aware with over 80% recall of the key messages:

  • Get you gas heater serviced at least once every two years
  • Use a licensed gasfitter
  • Do not operate an extraction fan at the same time as the heater such as a kitchen rangehood or bathroom fan
  • Allow for some ventilation when the heater is operating.

For further information, view the Consumer Affairs Victoria alert.

How do I know if my heater is open flued?

The best way is to call the manufacturer, otherwise a licensed gasfitter should be able to help.

How will you stop OFGSHs from being bought and sold?

There are significant fines for anyone caught selling open flued gas heaters without the safety features once the prohibition is in place.

Even if you are able to find one, there are new laws that prevent gasfitters from installing them.

Energy Safe will be monitoring with regular audits of manufacturing facilities and warehouses. We will also be monitoring online activity.

There are plenty of other cost-effective and more efficient heating alternatives on the market such as room sealed gas space heaters.

What if I have purchased an OFGSH and it has been installed and connected to a gas supply, but not yet commissioned?

You can still have it commissioned. The prohibition and declaration of non-acceptance do not impact an OFGSH in this situation.

These gazettes specify the prohibition and declaration of non-acceptance of OFGSHs:

Date: 18/07/2024 12:21

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