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Renew, replace or reinstate a licence

Everything you need to know about keeping your electrical licence current.

Have you registered for ESVConnect?

You cannot apply for or renew your licence if you have not registered for ESVConnect, as Energy Safe Victoria no longer sends paper-based renewals to your postal address.

ESVConnect is Energy Safe’s online system for electrical licensing, registration, purchasing and managing Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES) and Cathodic Protection Systems (CPS).

It is your responsibility to ensure your licences, registrations and contact details are up to date.

Energy Safe must cancel the licence of an electrical worker or electrical contractor who does not apply for renewal of the licence by the renewal date specified on the licence card.

Licence or registration cancellation will result in you having to re-apply at the full fee, not the renewal fee (presuming you are still eligible for the licence type you’re applying for).

If you currently hold a licence or registration with Energy Safe, you must register for ESVConnect. The previous Online Services licensing system has not been in effect since 8th November 2019.

To register for ESVConnect you will need your Online Services user ID and password. If you don't have these details, please contact the Licensing team on 1800 815 721 or at licensing@energysafe.vic.gov.au to obtain them.

ESVConnect works best on Chrome, and is compatible with other major browsers including Safari, Edge and Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer to access ESVConnect, as it has not been built to operate on it.

For licensing, ESVConnect will need to be accessed on a desktop or laptop computer.

Once you have registered for ESVConnect, all your licences and registrations will appear under your profile. If this does not occur, please contact the Licensing team for further assistance.

Licence and registration renewal

Licence and registration renewal is for a five-year period. Refer to the Electrical licensing fees page for renewal fees.

Your licence, or registration renewal can be accessed via your ESVConnect profile as follows:

  1. Select the electrical licence or registration to be renewed from under the heading ‘My Licences’ / ‘My Registrations’ on your ESVConnect home page.
  2. Select the ‘Renew Licence’ button on the top right of your ESVConnect electrical licence profile, and the ‘Start Renewal’ button on the top right of your registration profile exactly three months prior to your licence or registration expiry date.
text buttons - Licence renewal and Start renewal
Select the ‘Renew Licence’ button on the top right of your ESVConnect electrical licence profile, and the ‘Start Renewal’ button on the top right of your registration profile. This button will appear exactly three months prior to your licence or registration expiry date.
  1. Follow the prompts to answer the questions and make payment for the renewal application, then submit the application for review by Energy Safe.

Once your renewal application has been finalised, your new licence / registration card will be posted out to the relevant postal address on file with Energy Safe.

Find out more on Registering for ESVConnect.

Electrical licence fees

ESV’s application and electrical licence renewal fees are reviewed and set by the Department of Treasury and Finance ahead of each financial year.

Application fees include a $70 non-refundable administration component.

Application fees must be paid at the time a licence application is submitted.

Credit card payment is required.

AMR licences and registrations are not renewable

Automatic Mutual Recognition Scheme (AMR) licences and registrations are not renewable, and expire on the same date that your interstate licence expires. When you renew your interstate licence, you must notify Energy Safe of your continued intent to work in Victoria under AMR arrangements and lodge a new AMR notification via the appropriate channel - see Interstate electrical workers

Reinstate a cancelled licence or registration

If your licence/registration is cancelled and you wish to reinstate it, you will need to complete the appropriate Reinstatement Application Form.

Email the completed form along with any relevant supporting documents to licensing@energysafe.vic.gov.au

Electrician's Licence Reinstatement Form 2024
PDF 177.52 KB
(opens in a new window)
Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) Reinstatement Form 2024
PDF 222.76 KB
(opens in a new window)
Restricted Electrical Worker's Licence (REL) Reinstatement Form 2024
PDF 226.58 KB
(opens in a new window)
Licensed Electrical Inspector (LEI) Reinstatement Form 2024
PDF 211.07 KB
(opens in a new window)

It is important to note that prior to reinstating a licence, there is a requirement for licensing assessments or CPD Skills Maintenance courses to be completed. Please refer to the information on the relevant application form for details. Extensions of time to complete CPD requirements may be provided to eligible applicants. Information on CPD extensions and exemptions can be found here: https://www.esv.vic.gov.au/licensing/continuing-professional-development/skills-maintenance

Replace a licence card

If your licence card has been lost or stolen, Energy Safe will issue a free replacement card.

If your card was stolen, it is advisable to report it to the police, as it could be used to steal your identity and cause injury to your professional reputation.

How to request a replacement card

Log into your ESVConnect profile, then select ‘Replace licence card’ under the relevant licence or registration profile.

Once you have lodged your request, it will be processed by the Licensing team and a new card will be sent in the mail to your postal address on file with Energy Safe.

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