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Employers – when your electrical apprentices finish

An electrical apprentice is a licensed worker only while under a contract of training and under supervision by an employer.


An apprentice is a licensed electrical worker only while under a training contract and under supervision by an employer.

An employer must only use licensed electrical workers to carry out electrical installation work.

An apprentice is a licensed electrical worker while:

  • under a training contract
  • supervision by an employer.

If an apprentice’s training contract has expired, they are no longer considered a licensed electrical worker.

For you to continue to legally employ your apprentice, you and your apprentice must decide what steps to take next.

To see the options an apprentice can take, see After your apprentice training contract ends

We encourage you to read that page, along with the information on this page.

If your apprentice’s schooling and Licensed Electrician's Assessment (LEA) are complete

Your apprentice may apply for an A Grade Electrician’s licence

Your apprentice may be eligible to apply for an A Grade Electrician's licence if they:

Employers of electrical apprentices - flowchart

  • Download' Employers of electrical apprentices - flowchart'

If your apprentice’s schooling or profiling is incomplete

If your apprentice’s schooling is complete, but they haven't passed all licensing assessments

Your apprentice needs to apply for a Supervised Worker’s Licence (L).

If your apprentice’s training contract is complete, but they have not yet successfully passed all licensing assessments, you can continue to employ them for 3 months from their completion date. The apprentice can carry out electrical installation work in this 3 month period.

If they do not pass all licensing assessments and gain an A Grade Electrician's licence in this 3 month period, they must have a Supervised Worker’s Licence

The Supervised Worker's Licence is temporary. It allows them to do electrical installation work under the supervision of an A Grade Electrician until they have obtained their own A Grade Electrician’s licence.

Licensed Electrician's Assessments

In addition to the training your apprentice completes to obtain the Certificate III in Electrotechnology, your apprentice must also complete the following three Licenced Electrician's assessments (LEAs) before they can apply for an A Grade Electrican's license:

  • Safe Working Practice (SWP)
  • Licensed Electrician's Theory (LET)
  • Licensed Electrician's Practical (LEP).

Your apprentice will need a letter from their trade school - 'Authorisation to Undertake the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA)' - stating they can attempt an LEA assessment as they have finished the required units. They must have this letter before they can book an assessment.

Your apprentice can attempt an assessment at one of these assessment venues

We have sample assessments to assist the apprentice – see LEA sample assessments

Special consideration

Special consideration may be available to your apprentice when attempting their licensing assessments. Special consideration applies for medical and other circumstances to allow:

  • extra time
  • special conditions.

The apprentice may apply to Energy Safe – see Special consideration for licensing assessments

Employer's support letter

When apply for a licence, your apprentice must provide evidence of 12 months' electrical installation work. This is covered by a letter of support from you as their employer.

The dates provided on the letter must show the period they were under your employment, and that they were under an apprentice contract of training. The letter must show

  • dates within the 3 months' grace period after completing their contract of training
  • that the apprentice held a Supervised Worker's Licence.

An example of this letter is on this page: Documentation needed for an Electrician's licence

Note: The minimum period of 12 months' electrical installation work may be shown across several employer support letters.

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